Tuesday, April 25, 2017


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Blue iris blossoms, to match blue walls, and blue, blue skies. Sep felt a smile tickling at his lips. Without a doubt he was glad it was spring. With spring came memories of quitting his state farm job interning at the Rachael Heights academy as a teacher, with it came the memory of telling Leek everything he felt, and surprisingly, having everything returned. But most importantly, with spring came the farmer’s market every saturday, came violently green trees, hunched for with the weight of their new buds, their leaves.

It was on a morning such as this saturday one, when everything about spring was so apparent. He walked along the edge of the pond, shoes toeing the water as he briskly made his way to the weekly market. If Sep’s ears hadn’t been listening to every slow wishing of the water of the smooth pebbles on the shore, he may not have turned his head when he first heard the faint gurgling. But he did.

Arching tall above his head, reaching determinedly for the clouds stretched a brilliant rainbow. Sep blinked. Unlike rainbows made by soft falling light, this one shone brightly. It was almost like it was solid. Sep hesitated. The urgency of the farmer’s market dimmed, as the rainbow filled his vision. He stepped into the pond, murky water swirling as he made his way towards the beam of light.

He reached out and snatched it almost expecting the light to pass through his fingers, but it didn’t, it was solid. From the moment Sep’s fingers touched the rainbow, the world shifted. Blue skys turned gary, the people clustered around the tents disappeared. The air chilled. Sep clicked his phone and gasped. The date on his phone read the same day when he had found the pool of blood, over a year ago. He clutched the rainbow again, and suddenly everything in the world was right. The color of the sky faded back in, and he could hear the chattering of the farmer’s market goers. He had been transported back to the past.

Taking constant steps,
Moving forward. But more than
Thoughts fling us backwards